“Our products and services are designed to help you lose weight and regain your health."
— Joe Cross

Juice It to Lose It
Juice It to Lose It
Juice It to Lose It

Juice It to Lose It

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Jump-Start Your Life in Just Five Days! 

How often have you said, “Today is the day” when it comes to make a major change in your life, only to find yourself saying the same thing the next day? This new book from New York Times bestselling author Joe Cross will help you leap over the hurdles blocking your way to finally getting your health and weight back under control.

It’s all about bursting through the mental barriers that have been holding you back, and to get there, you only have to commit to five short days! In that time, this simple, foolproof plan--complete with recipes and shopping lists--will jump-start a change in your life, health, and waistline.

booksWhether you're a long-time follower of Joe's juicing diets or looking for a brand new way to turn your health around, “Juice It to Lose It” is here to help with a fresh look at food. Give it five days, and you will see and feel the power of juicing!

Paperback, 182 pages

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