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— Joe Cross

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Book

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Book

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Joe Cross found himself, at age 40, weighing a whopping 140 kilos, and on a daily diet of the steroid Prednisone to manage the painful autoimmune condition that was making his life miserable. He decided to make a major change, so he did something radical: he decided to embark on a sixty-day "Reboot" to give his body a chance to detoxify and heal itself. For two straight months, he drank only fresh fruit and vegetable juices - no solid food of any kind, no soda, no coffee, no alcohol. He decided to turn his Reboot into a journey across the U.S. and bring a film crew along to capture him talking with the people he met along the way, sharing his experience (and his juice). This book details his journey. Includes foreword by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and afterword by Dean Ornish, M.D.


Paperback, 183 pages 


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