“Our products and services are designed to help you lose weight and regain your health."
— Joe Cross

Guided Reboot Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Guided Reboot for?

Anyone looking to lose weight, get healthy and in need of a little extra motivation and support.

How does a Guided Reboot work?

Our 15-Day30-Day, 60-Day (for Thyroid) and 60-Day (for Diabetes) programs include meal plans, shopping lists, and professional guidance via webinars and online communication before, during and after your Guided Reboot. The 30 Day plan also includes exercise support and audio recordings from one of our fitness experts.

You will gain access to our private online groups where you can connect with other Rebooters in your group, contact and communicate with your coach, easily access your meal plans, shopping lists, and other Reboot materials. You can even keep your own e-journal to track your progress.

Who can participate in a Guided Reboot?

A Guided Reboot is great for:
  • People who want to have more energy.
  • Those who want to lose weight.
  • Anyone looking to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle change.
  • People with general health concerns.
  • People who are new to juicing.
  • Anyone looking for fresh juice and meal ideas centered around fruits and veggies.

Who should not participate in a Guided Reboot?

The following individuals should not participate:
  • Individuals on prescription medications (check with your doctor first, though, as it may be okay depending on your medication.)
  • Individuals under treatment for a health condition (check with your doctor first, though, as it may be okay depending on your condition and treatment.)
  • Women who are pregnant and/or nursing. 

Do I have to have Diabetes or a Thyroid condition to participate in the 60 Day Reboot?  

  • The 60 day groups are specifically tailored for those with specific health conditions (i.e. Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroid, and Hashimoto’s disease). A 15 day or 30 day Guided Reboot Program may be better suited for individuals who do not have Diabetes or a Thyroid issue.   That said, enrollment is open to those without these conditions; however, we absolutely do not recommend this program for Type 1 Diabetics and Hyper-thyroid conditions. (See below for more info)

I have Type 1 Diabetes, can I participate in the Diabetes group?

  • We do not recommend this program for people with Type 1, especially if insulin dependent.

I have a hyper-thyroid condition, can I participate in the Thyroid group? 

  • No, this group is specifically tailored for those with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease.  However, please write us at Rebootcoaching@rebootwithjoe.com with your interest.   Potentially we may add another program for hyper-thryroid conditions in the future.

What do I need to take part in the program?

For the program, you will need a juicer and ability to connect to the internet via computer, smartphone or tablet.  We will provide you with all of your meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and other resources.

Our webinars are hosted by GoToWebinar. Prior to your first webinar, we will send you an email with instructions on how to get set up. The webinar can be viewed on a PC or Mac computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. For system requirements, please visit the GoToMeeting website. If your computer or device is not supported, you can also participate via a dial-in phone number that will be provided. 

I can not attend a webinar.  Will they be recorded?

If you are unable to participate in any of the scheduled webinars, they will be posted on the group site the next day.

Why is there a fee?

The Guided Reboot was created for people who would prefer to join a small group and Reboot together under the leadership of a coach rather than go it alone. Many people find it easier to stick with a program when part of a group, enjoying the support and encouragement of a virtual team of other Rebooters all pulling together to reach shared goals. By joining a Guided Reboot you are committing to a start date and a set schedule; this extra accountability can make it easier to follow through. Our Reboot coaches are professional nutritionists, easily accessible through a private online group site. They lead weekly webinars to help you stay on track, and can address more complex dietary and health concerns and any obstacles you may encounter. We also offer free meal plans for individuals who would rather Reboot themselves.

Can I give a Guided Reboot as a gift?

Yes, we recommend purchasing a Reboot with Joe Gift Card for $149 (cost of 15 day program) or $289 (cost of 30 day program).

I've signed up for the Guided Reboot. Now what?

After purchasing your seat, you will receive an email that takes you to a download page where you can find a letter from your coach. It includes the date, time, and registration link for your welcome webinar. It’s highly recommended, but not mandatory, that you attend. This is when your coach will discuss everything you need to get ready. If you want to get started before then, we've also included Meal Plans and Shopping Lists for the first five days and a guide to help with the transition.

Once the group starts, all communication will take place in a private group in our Community. You will need to create a profile on our site (if you haven't done so already). After creating your profile, you will be automatically added to your group. Please wait 24-48 hours for an invitation to join. If you don’t receive one or have any questions, please email us.

I still have a question about your Guided Reboot program. Who can I contact?

Email us at rebootcoaching@rebootwithjoe.com.